After The Party

The journal of the making of the quilt!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I love Deadlines

They have a way of concentrating the mind. I have been meaning to make a box for the quilt journal for ages. With one day to go before I have to pack up the quilt and send it off I finally got around to covering a box. I chose fabric with really bright colours to go with the colours in the quilt and on the front of the journal cover.

Mmmm is it too bright? Does the journal get 'lost' in the box? Do I have time to do anything about it? No? No, definitely no. I still have to make a calico bag to put the whole caboodle in and get it all packaged up ready for the courier on Monday morning. And its 2.20am! (I've been blogging on my other site late at night because my son has been using the computer ALL DAY!)

I was going to use 10mm dowel to put in the little narrow sleeves on the back of the quilt to make it hang straight. But after getting the dowel, cutting in up, going back into town to get a new pencil sharpener with a big hole ( to sharpen the ends so the dowel is easier to slide in - I knew you were going to ask that question), cutting the dowel up, sharpening it and putting it in the slots to check it was working, I decided the dowel was showing on the front. I could see the indentations. So its back to the hardware shop tomorrow morning to get some half-round beading to cut up. The flat edge will sit better against the quilt. ( I have checked it, I've got some but not enough)

Here's a picture of what the quilt hangs like without any support:

And here's what it looks like with the dowel in it, it does the job:

I know you can't see the indentations of the dowel in this picture but I can when I look at the quilt in the flesh.

Its nearly time to say goodbye to the quilt. We'll let you know whether it wins or not.