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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Edge treatments

I finally got around to working on the edge tonight. Not finished yet. I straightened the top edge above the word 'hitting' so it will hang with the cross on the correct vertical. The top right hand edge has been charred. I'm not sure if it shows up enough or whether I need to make the charring more visible on the front of the quilt. The right hand side edge has been cut with a jagged edge. I am intending to slash the blue edge to the right of the word 'wasn't and then make the bottom left blue edge jagged (the same as the green part) as well. The top left edge above the word 'stop will have a tyre track mark made on it. The edge to the left of the word 'please' is bothering me (apart from the fact that I have a tape measure and an electric plug hanging in front of it in the photo!). I think I need to trim the edge closer to the word 'please'. Or pehaps make it jagged like the green edge ( and slash the blue edge to the left of the word 'with') But it is getting late now and I need to go to bed!! The centre of the quilt looks much better now Janice has darkened it.

This is a close-up of the charred edge.

Progress is being made and the end is in sight. I think I am on track to get it finished to be photographed at Janice's on Sunday afternoon. I will finish the edges and attach the belt for the cross on Saturday. The belt will have the final word of the "story" written on the horizontal piece, 'please', written very small as a final plea to 'please stop hitting me'.

We should make the entry deadline - yeah!!


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