After The Party

The journal of the making of the quilt!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


While I was checking that the last post appeared the phone rang. It was Rianne who is a junior member of our club. Very excited because her entry has also been selected for further judging. I'm really excited for her. She is only 12 and hand dyed all the fabric for her quilt. When talking to her mum I realised that we haven't got a label for our quilt, so thats another job to do!

Now for the hanging....(sleeve)

Yipee, we got notification today that the quilt has been accepted as an entry. It doesn't mean it will definitely be in the exhibition, but we do get to send it away for a final selection process. Now I have to make a hanging sleeve and figure out how to make it hang straight. This is a technical challenge which I am going to rise up and meet just as soon as I can get my brain cells to work together in harmony! Thank goodness it is the weekend tomorrow.

The challenge asked us to keep a journal of the making of the quilt (which is why we started this blog in the first place) and Janice printed out our blog and made it into an album. Below is the front cover. Isn't it fantastic? The pieces you can see sticking out above and below are the pages of the blog. Janice wasn't sure whether to trim them or not. I think they look great as they are. It is as if each time we turn a page of our lives we never settle exactly back into the same position we were.

This is a picture of the first page. Janice used a very cool font whick looks as if it is breaking up and has disappeared in places. Very aprropriate to the theme.

Janice has torn paper and woven strips for the front cover and has scattered pieces throughout the album. I wish you could see the care and attention she has put into it. I feel very special and honoured because of the detail and creativity she has displayed. Wow Janice, thanks for being my friend.