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The journal of the making of the quilt!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I like the charring - was it a pain to do? I think it would look great if all the edges were charred... if that's not on then that edge definitely needs more charring so its more visible. What did you use to do it?

I dont like the idea of the jagged edge to the left of please, it would be too regular with it exactly opposite the green jagged edge, how about jaggeding on either side of the corner between flirting and with?

yes, slashing the remaining edges sounds good (to the right of wasn't and the left of please). I don't think you need to trim the edge to the left of please first as it will hang down after slashing.

It needs more than one tire mark, it possibly needs an iron mark as well (I, know, I said not everything but I'm allowed to change my mind). I think what it needs is more darkening on the edges to take away the large expanses of regular colour, they need to be broken up and dirtied up and tire marks and iron marks will do that. Or just regular dirtying? smudging? Do you want me to come over to help with that? At the moment the treatment looks a bit timid, tentative - I think it needs to be wilder, angrier....


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